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Yoni Massage Auckland

Yoni Massage Auckland offers a charming and soul-stirring journey for any woman who seeks it. Through this gentle and slowly revealing experience, she is cordially invited to discover her own body, embracing soothing breathwork and delicate touch. It’s entirely about venturing into a pathway laden with pure delight and development, uniquely tailored for her.

Rediscover Your Sexual Energy

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Tantra For Women

Many women find it difficult to orgasm, and some even go their entire lives without experiencing one. As a liberated woman in the modern age, your pleasure is your birthright. Uncover the physical and emotional blockages that can prevent you from having orgasms.

- Move out of your mind and into your body
- Discover new techniques to increase pleasure
- Understand your own body more
- Experience a mind-blowing orgasm
- Become a multi-orgasmic woman,

Emotional Release Through Massage

Yoni Mapping works on all levels of the female physiology to help release uncomfortable and inhibiting conditioning of your primal life-energy.

It also offers those who are sexually comfortable to expand their energy even further.

Yoni Mapping navigates through every layer of female physiology, aiming to liberate the intrinsic life-energy from any stifling and discomforting conditioning.

This practice not only assists those navigating discomfort but also invites individuals who are already at ease with their sexuality to broaden their energetic horizons even more.

As this therapeutic whole-body massage unleashes our fundamental life-energy, we grant ourselves access to an immersive state of tranquility, along with emotional, spiritual, and sexual liberation.

In forging a connection with our primal life-energy, we enhance our strength, boost our confidence, and foster emotional wellness, enabling a more vibrant and wholesome existence.

How can Yoni Massage Auckland help you?

tantra for women

Regardless of where you are at in your sexual journey, there is always room for improvement! 

  • Understanding your own body and pleasure
  • Deepening into your sexual experience
  • Powerful meditation and relaxation
  • Learn how to experience a full-body orgasm
  • An enormous amount of pleasure!
tantra for women


If you want to heal trauma, overcome sexual issues, a more satisfying sex life, and to be a more satisfying lover, get in touch to find out more.

Total Surrender to Pleasure

Much like the Lingam Massage, designed for males, which uses a myriad of techniques to soothe and heal sexual discomfort, the Yoni Massage is a potent healing Tantric Massage ritual specifically curated for females. This entails nurturing the entire body, including the yoni (which translates from Sanskrit as “sacred space” or “sacred temple”).

Yoni Massage treatments stand distinctly apart from typical erotic massages. It’s not just about caressing the yoni, but also involves the whole body, ensuring that you feel entirely relaxed and can fully surrender. This approach prioritizes your right to receive and wholly immerse yourself in pleasure, journeying through an exploration and celebration of your body in a respectful and mindful manner.